About Us

White Cherry is an upscale clothing boutique located in Kleinburg that carries some of the most coveted brands worldwide. Our vision since launching in 2016 has always been to be trendy and modern. While being trendy and modern, we could not help but incorporate a little history and tradition into the name itself. White Cherry is a term that is close to our heart, as it contains influences from our culture and family heritage.

In Italy, Cristina’s (co-owner) family has a soprannome, which is kind of like a nickname or a representation of your ancestry. Cristina’s father’s family soprannome is ‘White Hairs’ (Capelli Bianchi), because it’s a running joke that the family gets gray hairs early, and on Cristina’s mother’s mom’s side, the family is called the ‘Cherries’ (Ciliegie) because of their red-hot temper. It’s a silly thing, but it has always been something that was passed down. In 2016, both of Cristina’s great grandparents passed away and this was a homage that we wanted to pay to the family to include part of our heritage in our future.


The Founders:

White Cherry was founded by Cristina & John Frank, who have a unique breadth of experience and education.

Cristina has had a passion for the industry since a very young age, attending fashion and art school on evening and weekends and eventually studying at Ryerson University’s - School of Fashion.  Cristina has worked at many boutiques throughout Toronto and eventually landed a job at Holt Renfrew, Canada’s premier luxury department store, where she spent a few years working in the buying office. Cristina has acquired knowledge of every angle of the fashion industry before she decided it was time to launch her own boutique with the help of her husband (fiancé at the time), John Frank.

John Frank is “the numbers guy” as his experience and education is quite different than Cristina’s. He has developed an extensive background in Finance and Business Strategy over the years, obtaining a Master’s of Finance degree and Chartered Financial Analyst designation, as well as experience at one of Canada’s largest banks.

I guess you could say opposites really do attract!